Beavis and ButtHEAD

No, this isn’t about the TV show-it is about how we got spoiled at our rental with a shower head that can be removed from the wall..I guess they are called “Hand Showers.” Tuesday was the first day we showered in our bathroom (once we got our shower curtain!). Literally one minute after I got out of the shower and went downstairs I said to Josh, “You know what I miss from our last shower?” and he said, “The shower head?” YES. GETOUTOFMYBRAIN.

I don’t know about you, but I love being able to rinse off soap like I am washing a car.  On our trip to Lowe’s, we bought ourselves a Moen Banbury Glacier Hand Shower. We didn’t go super fancy pants on the shower head, since later down the line we are going to do a full renovation of the bathroom upstairs, plus any of the pretty chrome ones would look weird against the really outdated tan and brown tiles in the shower. It would be like wearing blingy diamonds with a frumpy outfit. Not a good look.

Josh installed it last night after installing the blinds in our bedroom. I fell asleep at 9:30 because I am lame and it was a beautiful surprise when I hopped in the shower this morning. Success! Not much to complain about there other than he didn’t take pictures for the blog. What a butthead.

4 thoughts on “Beavis and ButtHEAD

  1. Yes! Those are so great for tall people, because they make the showerhead higher. Plus they make it really easy to wash your butt. I mean, feet. Ya know. 😉

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