Here are some of the before pictures of our wonderful kitchen space. There are many reasons to love this kitchen but we had two major ones that helped us to look past the wallpaper, knotty pine cabinets, aqua countertops, and terrible flooring. #1: It is ginormous. Lots of room for both Josh and I to whip up some amazing meals AND enough room to spare for dance parties with Tucker. #2: The brick surrounded wood stove is the

When you google 1950’s kitchen, this is what pops up..a5e2d286bcdb951c5e56145ffa02ce6b

Ours looks almost exactly like this! (If you click it, it links to a website called Retro Renovation, the writers of that blog would probably punch me in my face because I am painting over Knotty Pine. As they say, Knotty is Nice!)

While some people may love it, the cabinets, floors, countertops etc. are just not our style, so after choosing to buy this house, I went straight to pinterest for some inspiration. Those of you that follow me on pinterest have seen these before, but pinterest doesn’t let me explain exactly what I am to the bloggity blog I come!

In pretty much all of these photos, you’ll see white cabinets, oil rubbed bronze pulls/knobs, and farm house sinks. Those are the things that we know fo’ sho are going to happen. But here are a few other things that we would love to implement in our space:


  • Over sink lighting: With two of something like this or this or this since the outlets are on the wall already for that. Don’t want to have to run MORE electrical if we don’t have to for pendants.


  • Bricks-I love the coloring on the bricks above-not sure how to do this or even if we want to..Depends on what everything ends up looking like once paint gets up on the cabinets and walls..Also will be doing stacked firewood in the bottom right fire storage area that isn’t very noticeable in the before picture.


  • Colorful roman shades/window coverings: Preferably with Aqua/Teal in them so that they play with the countertops!



  • Corner seating for casual dining


  • A movable/portable kitchen island: We want a big island at some point, but for the time being, we want to be able to move it around, play with different configurations, etc. When we get to the point of doing countertops/layout reworkings/flooring, we’ll want to have worked out any kinks we may find with the movable island so that when we take the plunge and install a big one with and oven or range built in, we won’t regret the decision. We will likely do something like the dresser one above with a butcher block top.


  • Bright Dutch Door: The dutch door in the kitchen was one of our favorite features of the house. Definitely want to play it up and make her the star of the kitchen, so a bright color is a must.

That is it for now, but I am sure more Kitch-inspiration will come along once these projects are done. Countertops, flooring, and appliances will happen eventually but ya’ll better be very patient because we will need to win the lottery for those to happen any time soon!!

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