Hello, beautiful thing!

Oh hayyyy. Long time no post.. My reasoning is because 1. We’ve been in and out of town so not many projects are getting done and 2. We were still sanding, sanding, sanding, and posts all about sanding are boring. Soooo anywho… Remember this guy?

AC Unit at Move-In

Well, lookie what we got…


It has been a few weeks since the installation of our AC unit, but man has it been glorious. We had major humidity issues in the house early on (mildew forming on walls, etc), so the AC was much needed.

WAHOO! Now we are a bunch of dollars poorer, but at least we can breathe in our own house without the fear of getting mildew poisoning. Is that a thing? If not, I just made it a thing.


4 thoughts on “Hello, beautiful thing!

  1. Holla! Except I think it’s my turn to cook dinner and have y’all come over…well, only Josh needs to see the house now, but still!

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