“You’re working too hard”

Our front door neighbor came over with warm brownies, wine, and that awesome quote above. Oh, girl..if you ONLY knew.

The landscaping in front of the house needs a bit of TLC. With the previous owner being elderly, we completely understand WHY lots of things did not have the attention paid to them-yard work is hard work! The best thing about the front of our yard  close to the street is that it has a TON of Azaleas, which don’t take too much effort. A bit of pruning and we’ll be good to go. Below is a picture of the house in the spring when the azaleas are in bloom..HOW PRETTYYY IS THAT? I can’t wait for the spring.


A few weekends ago, we finally left the comfort of our paint scented kitchen and ventured outdoors for a little R&R. And by R&R, I mean raking and ripping out roots. Once you pull into the driveway, there is a pathway leading to the front door. This is what is on either side of the path:


Left: Ivy, Rusty Mailbox, Big Green ugly plant. Right: HUGE Green ugly plant. (Obviously these are the technical names of everything..)


We raked the leaves around the Huge Green Ugly plant then started taking off branches one by one and throwing them into the truck. Then, we took an axe the roots and pulled it out of the ground with the truck. We roped a chain around the base of the root and put the truck in reverse. I know, we are ballers. And/or lazy.

photo (11)photo (12)

Now we have a bunch of dirt in our front yard, but god made dirt and dirt don’t hurt as much as the ugly green plants. One day we will try to plant grass here, but who knows when that will happen? We have a kitchen to finish! 🙂

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