Preparing to party..

We (aka, Alison) had the crazy idea to host a housewarming party for ~40 people on November 2nd and Thanksgiving for 10 people in the middle kitchen renovation. In my defense, the floor was NEVER in the plan for our kitchen AND we hadn’t taken in to account the fact that both Josh and I had vacations/business trips in the middle of the month. Nonetheless, we made it through both alive, although the blog has definitely taken a back seat to trying to get some vital projects finished (or at least finished enough to where we weren’t COMPLETELY embarrassed of our house).

So, let’s pick up where we left off, eh?

After we finished white washing the wood paneling, we started painting the top half of the room Chocolate Froth. This color is a great neutral shade that plays well with the paneling and doesn’t compete with the bright aqua countertops. This happened so fast (over the course of two nights with bad lighting), so I don’t have any pictures to prove that it happened. It looks good though, I promise.

After ripping up the existing flooring, Josh took a day off from work and he and his mom put down a layer of luon on top of the subfloor. That night, Josh, his mom, and I did a dry fit of cement backer board. I completely forgot to take pictures of these steps, but basically we used as many full 4×8 pieces of backerboard we could (making sure no four corners met, which could cause the floor to become uneven in places or make a weak spot where the tiles on top could break). Then scored and snapped pieces to fit around the corners where full pieces could not be used.

The next day, we installed the cement backerboard with a layer of thinset and screws. I loved putting the thinset down and called it ‘playing in the mud.’ Josh got the lovely task of screwing each piece in every 8 inches, so we went through a ton of screws and his hand was blistering by the end of the night.




Here we are putting the last piece of backer board in – it was about 10pm at this point.


At this point, we let everything set for about 24 hours before walking on it. At the time of the housewarming party, we hadn’t decided on tile that we both liked, so we put down a layer of this amazing builder’s kraft paper to protect the cement board from mud/drink spills/etc. We then had everyone who attended the party to sign it as our ‘guest book.’ You gotta do what you gotta do, right?


As for the update on the cabinets, the hardware did not get here in time for installation prior to the housewarming party and it is a good thing, too. More on that next post… 😉

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