Sunshiny Door

Well, the lack of posts around here can be explained by a few things happening around our house.

1-We are taking a well deserved break from projects and making a conscious effort to create a balance between projects & having fun. Speaking of that, we went out of town this weekend to a friend’s cabin and had a great time! We got our redneck on, went on a hike, & I even shot a gun (Well, actually three different guns..who am I?).



2-We are painting trim, which wouldn’t make for a very exciting blog post. Seriously, it is totally boring, but it really does make such a difference. We can see the room coming together really nicely and I cannot wait until we can get some artwork hung up and put all of the finishing touches together.

The good news is..we are about 93% done with the kitchen. While painting the trim, we realized that to paint the trim/door frame surrounding the door, we would need to remove it for a day or so. Since it has been so chilly, we had to wait until we got a warm weekend. Last weekend was our best shot, so we decided to take the plunge in painting it a pretty color at the same time (kill two birds with one stone!). We have had several paint chips taped up on the door for about 4 months, so we just chose our favorite one, bought a quart, and started priming and painting.

We left Home Depot feeling very confident in our choice and spent Saturday carefully painting. It was one of the first decisions in this entire project where we didn’t fully think through it, so that was a refreshing change! While painting, we loved the color and how it popped next to the tile color.

Well, once we installed the door, we decided we don’t exactly love it. I guess you can’t win ’em all! We are keeping it until spring, but will likely paint it either a more saturated yellow or red or turquoise or something we haven’t even thought of yet. I think we’ll agonize a bit more over our second door color decision. 🙂




2 thoughts on “Sunshiny Door

    1. Thanks, Daddy! It is okay for now…but I am thinking maybe a deep turquoise or a bright red will do the trick this spring. Just need it to get warmer so we can take the door down again! 🙂

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