Snow Day

SNOW! Now, we rarely get snow and when we do, the entire area shuts down. We aren’t really equipped for snow, although over the years I think each of the cities/counties has started to learn the best way to pre-treat the roads and maybe stock up of a few more plows. Regardless, no one knows how to drive in snow and it gets dangerous. We like sand and sun here, just saying.

We got a light dusting last night-probably 2-3″, and I woke up to a glorious text from my boss-man saying that our company was closed for the day. So, what do I do? Noo..i don’t just lay my head back down and sleep in- I pop up out of bed and go outside to take pictures of our house in the snow. To be honest, I have been looking forward to this day for awhile.


I think it must have something to do with the ‘personality’ of the house, where you get a sense that it is totally in its’ element in the snow. Maybe it is the lodge-like wood paneling. Maybe it is that no grass will grow because there are too many trees around it. I don’t know.




In the back yard, I stumbled on some tracks-they ran right along the side of the house–Not sure on the animal?



Happy snow day!! 🙂

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