Are you going to put doors on these?

That question was the bane of Josh’s existence. I think he died a little inside every time we invited a new person into our house. He knew it was coming. The question. Dun dun dunnnnn. “Are you going to put doors on these or leave them open?” This post is about our upper cabinets.


Now, our dishes are adorbs. Our aqua countertops match our aqua fiesta ware. I mean, it works. So I can understand why everyone asked us that question (most people actually wanted us to leave them open as shelving rather than add the doors). After the question, we went in to how we installed the lower cabinet doors because of the dirt/dust that got all over everything and how we just hadn’t gotten to the top ones yet.

But really, the reasoning behind the delay in doing our upper cabinet doors was that Josh remembered how crappy/annoying/terrible/torturous it was to notch out portions of the door and door frame in order to use our awesome hidden hardware and he wanted to delay the reoccurrence of that pain/torture as long as possible. That was, until I cracked the whip. (Just kidding- I think the excitement of almost being done with the darn kitchen outweighed the fact that he just really didn’t want to do it. I didn’t want to do it either because..well…he’sjustbetterthanme. and I didn’t want to mess it up.)

After he had a few doors installed, I marked for where the hardware holes needed to go, he drilled (because again, I was afraid to mess it up), and I installed the pulls.

Now, we are the owners of some brand new, freshly painted cabinets WITH DOORS! 🙂


Now, for our next project…stay tuned (OMG, this picture is so embarrassing):


One thought on “Are you going to put doors on these?

  1. Bryan and I have never asked y’all that questions – it must be because we know first hand how hated those types of questions are! Also, I LOVE everything y’all have done so far!

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