And then, a waterfall…LITERALLY.

Sunday night, we were eating dinner on the couch, watching the final few episodes of Breaking Bad on Netflix and giving each other high fives for how productive we were this weekend. We tackled rototilling the front lawn, made three trips to the dump to get compost and throw stuff away, organized and vacuumed the shed and our garage, both of which were extremely cluttery and holding a ton of scrap wood, trash, old shelves/cabinets the previous owners left. We went grocery shopping, made yogurt and fruit salad for the week, finished laundry…In between episodes, I was going to run and brush my teeth when…I found a puddle of water in our guest room.

WATER. in the ONLY room we weren’t going to pay attention to for a LONG time and is also holding all of our junk from our sunroom. Cuss words were spoken.

Cue Josh and I freaking out and googling “How to locate a leak.” I found a This Old House video clip and off we went at 11 PM, trying to locate the source. It wasn’t a ton of water, so we assumed it wasn’t an inbound pipe, so I stayed down in the bedroom while Josh turned on the shower upstairs. After about 45 seconds, I heard water trickling down from upstairs, but the ceiling wasn’t wet, I didn’t see anything coming down the side of the wall, or ANYTHING! Then, the water started flowing..from UNDERNEATH the baseboard trim in the corner of the room. Awesome.

That’s when we decided it was time to call in the big guns and use our Home Warranty that we got with the purchase of the house from the sellers. Fingers crossed everything goes smoothly! We’ve heard mixed reviews from people about whether or not their home warranties have been worth it or not…so, I guess we’ll find out. Next step would be going through our Homeowner’s Insurance, so…anywho, wish us luck!

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