Widen your View

So…remember these windows-used-as-shelves in the living room?


Well, they got a little wider. Like my eyes when I see Krispy Kreme doughnuts..

The Reception Line 2014 212

We originally debated if we should add another doorway on the fireplace side of the room as a “shortcut” to the mudroom. We ended up deciding against it for logistical reasons-mostly because we are too lazy to move/cap off the heater in that space.

We also didn’t want to completely open up the room to the sunroom because the floors are different heights, it would make the fireplace off-center, the beams in the living room don’t continue into the sunroom, and the roofline is completely different.

However, we did also widen the doorway to make it easier to walk through into the sunroom from the kitchen and to make everything as close to symmetrical as possible.

We absolutely love it and are so thankful for the extra light that streams in to the room! One step closer to the lighter and brighter living room we are looking for.

The Reception Line 2014 195

For those interested in how we did it…we used this tutorial from This Old House, which has basically become our bible for any project we are doing at the time. We installed a much larger header for each window to evenly distribute the load, so there are no worries as far as safety goes.

The Reception Line 2014 200   The Reception Line 2014 211 The Reception Line 2014 212

Right now the windows seem crazy wide, but I think it may also be because the rest of the walls aren’t covered in drywall. Now we are slowing finishing up the cleaning process in here before the insulation people come!

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