YES. You guys, it is embarrassing how excited I am about the insulation in our living room/sunroom areas. We hired American Insulation Services to install spray foam insulation in our living room and HOLY MOLY, I am so excited. Probably even more excited than I was when Josh installed our new mailbox.

So..the night before the insulation folks came, we finished running the electrical stuff in the exterior walls, moved the couch and bookcase, got the tools and junk out of there,  and vacuummed (I didn’t want them to think we are slobs!).





Our awesome installer Tim came over Wednesday morning and finished by about 3pm. It took about 40 minutes for the prep work to be completed (wrapping the exposed beams, covering up the floor, windows, and baseboard heaters with plastic, and warming up the truck for the sprayer to work). The insulation has a slight nail polish remover smell, but nothing major and after 24 hours, it is cured and the smell goes away.



We decided the best route for us to go in the ceilings to avoid having to adjust ceiling heights to achieve recommended R-value was to go with closed cell spray foam insulation-which can only be installed by a qualified contractor. They suggested doing a layer of the spray foam around all of the exterior walls as well to create an air seal, since there are lots and lots of crevices letting too much air in from the outside. We totally agreed with him after seeing all sorts of stuff in the walls that we couldn’t unsee when we were gutting the room, like dormant mud dauber nests which terrified me because they are creepy looking and Josh laughed at me. I basically said to do whatever we have to do to guarantee that nothing creepy would be making a nest in my walls.




Spray Foam Insulation

Overall, we were very happy with the service we received and Tim was awesome. He stayed for a bit to talk to Josh about our future plans on the house and then when Josh showed him the upstairs areas (that have NO insulation)..he said “So…I’ll see you again soon-huh?” Yes, will!

We still have to install some batts of fiberglass insulation in the walls, but we are officially one step closer to a more efficient house AND hopefully next Winter we won’t freeze! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Insulation

  1. Spray foam insulation is fantastic. We did the ceiling of our cottage in Northern Ontario because we didn’t have the space to accommodate batt insulation and the necessary vents. We also did the underside of the cottage, which is open to the elements and previously a haven for mice and squirrels. Spray foam is rodent proof. It sealed up all the gaps and we don’t have to worry about any uninvited guests.

    1. Woohoo to no more uninvited guests! Thank you for your comment Chris! They told us about the underside encapsulation so we are definitely thinking about that for down the road once we have refreshed our bank accounts!!

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