We have walls, people!!!

Josh started putting up the vapor barrier on Sunday (the clear stuff with the red tape holding in the insulation that we installed last weekend-no post on that because…it was boring, really.) Then, on Monday, the drywall and other supplies were delivered so that the crew could get started early Tuesday morning.



I went to work on Tuesday morning and when I came home, all of the drywall was hung. I sat on the floor for about an hour just soaking it all in because it makes a HUGE difference. For anyone out there is debating on DIYing drywall or hiring it out, I have three words of advice for you: HIRE IT OUT.




On Wednesday, they came in and mudded all of the seams and the places where they screwed the boards into the studs and then on Friday, they did all of the sanding!






They were FAST, ya’ll. And I think I may be addicted to hiring out jobs now, because I would leave for work and when I got home things would magically be done. It was amazing. It was definitely money well spent because if we were doing it, we’d probably still be hanging the first piece and then ripping it back off because it wasn’t good enough.

Now WE have to get back to work and get the whitewashed planked wood ceiling planned and installed. And prime and paint the walls (and decide on a color). And find light fixtures and fans we like. Etc, etc, etc. Unfortunately, our money tree has lost a lot of leaves lately, so back to DIY it is!

3 thoughts on “Drywall

  1. WOW it was a bright space before because of all of that light, but even more so now with the walls up! So glad you kept the rafters exposed and that great big brick fire place! I see this room getting very ‘homey’ and cozy 🙂

    1. Thanks Rach! 🙂 We are so excited about it so far!! We’ve continued the trend of snowballing projects–we decided we are going to install wood flooring in the sunroom and then refinish the floor in the living room and stain the two to match..We figure we may as well do it now since all of our furniture is out of there and the faux brick flooring is ugly as sin. THE DUST. I can’t wait for the dust.

      1. oh that’s FAUX brick. I couldn’t tell from the pics. When I first read that I was like ‘is she crazy? so much character in the brick floors!’ but, no. faux’s gotta go. carry on 🙂

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