Would it be alright by you, if I deblueify you?

Points to people who just started singing-you are awesome..For those that are googling to figure out the title, it’s a quote I altered from Wicked -because we are wicked good painters and because I have decided my favorite Pandora station while painting is the Idina Menzel station so that I can BELT IT OUT and dance to pass the time. Josh doesn’t like it.

While the drywall folks were here, they took care of the ceiling and wall which were damaged when trying to fix our leaky shower drain pipe.





We decided to paint this room before trying to tackle the rest of the living room/sunroom projects because getting this room done means getting our house closer to normal. Since they were working in this room, our kitchen AND the living room/sunroom, our furniture has been dispersed throughout the rest of the house, making our dining room our office and our upstairs/garage a dumping ground. The original color of this room was actually a very pretty color, very similar to the blue we used in our dining room.



For now, this room acts as a guest bedroom, but may turn out to be a nursery or office eventually, so we weren’t really picky on a color other than we didn’t want it to be blue since there are so many shades of blue/aqua in this house already. We decided to go with a really pale, almost-ivory-it-is-so-light yellow – Behr Ultra Premium Plus in Milkyway Galaxy.

bcfeae63-37ad-4e92-9beb-9dad8553c198_400           IMG_1605


Whoa, we went back in time, ya’ll. There is a fan there now 🙂




So far, we are really liking the color and are looking forward to getting the trim re-installed and then moving our furniture back in!


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