New Year, New Couches

On the Wednesday before Christmas, I went to Target to go shopping on my lunch break. My phone rang and it was a number I did not recognize, but I remembered the folks over at North Carolina Furniture and Mattress were going to call mid-way through our couch wait to give us a status update. I answered and they let me know the couches were in early! And they could deliver tonight, if we were available! Uh, twist my arm, whydontyou. When they arrived, we hovered over the delivery guys like nobody’s business. We were SO excited and a little bit nervous to see everything since the sample couch we sat on was a turquoise patterned couch and we almost had forgotten what we ordered. Wee! New Couches New Couch

There are still some more changes to come in this room including reupholstering the red chair in the corner and getting a new chair where the rocking chair is. We’d also like to get a new rug and some curtains. 🙂 No matter what, I am so happy it no longer looks like this: livingroom

Or this:


It feels great to have “almost finished” a room just prior to the New Year-at least to the point where we are comfortable snuggling up to watch a movie! Happy 2015, ya’ll! Thanks for following along in 2014 ❤


6 thoughts on “New Year, New Couches

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  2. I know this is an old post but I’m curious about your couch fabric. Is it different than what you originally posted it was going to be? It looks like the fabric I want to get for our new sectional (Flexsteel 720-80 Linen). If it is the same, how is it holding up (we have 5 kids) and does it clean up well? I noticed the cleaning code is S which means you aren’t supposed to use water on it. Thanks so much!!!

    1. Hey Allison!!
      Good call getting a Flexsteel-our couches have held up beautifully. It’s crazy to think we are already 1 year in with these bad boys! It is just the two of us and our dogs, so we don’t have much jumping on couches, major spills, or anything like that currently. We did change our fabric after the previous post due to production delays with the original fabric we chose.. we went a bit lighter and I am 100% sure we chose one that we could use water on because that was a major must have for us because we are lazy..

      I BELIEVE we went with 714-01 Praline. I will try to find my paperwork this weekend to be sure though! We have definitely had some interesting spills (salsa! caramel from an ice cream bar! chocolate!), but it always comes right out with a few careful dabs with a wet rag.

      The one thing we don’t totally love about our couch is that the back cushions don’t remove and I desperately want to fluff them up sometimes. That could just be me though..haha! Other than that, they are majorly comfortable and I would definitely recommend Flexsteel to anyone!!

      1. Thanks so much! We have a Flexsteel now and have liked it. Our back cushions are attached and it doesn’t bother me that much. I do have to pull them above the seat cushions sometimes, but not a big deal. I’ll have to check into that fabric choice.

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