Most life-changing reno yet!

Well, that was dramatic..but seriously…EVERY.SINGLE.DAY, I would get home from work with my purse, laptop bag, and maybe my Yeti or coffee mug and..the front door of our house would make me mad.

There were a few issues with the door that definitely made us want to get a new one:Grass Re-do 3

  1. When you opened the old door, it swung in the direction that everyone wants to go when they enter our house. The ONLY thing to the left was our master bedroom, then the door swung in, and blocked you from entering the house until the door was closed. It seems like such a small annoyance, but seriously..friends would come over with their babies in car seats, have to trudge into our master bedroom, close the door, Tucker would then greet them with his normal excitement and some jumping (ugh), and then they could finally walk in.
  2. Did I say Tucker was excited? The fact that there were four sidelights on each side made it so that if he jumped with enough enthusiasm, his paws would rest right at the bottom of the fourth window. When he was ready to start his quest to saying hi to our visitors, his paws would create HUGE scratches down the sidelights. #classy
  3. There was also some rot under the threshold and it was definitely not as insulated as we would have liked (ie, sometimes you could see daylight through some cracks in the sidelights), so it made the decision to get rid of the old door that much easier.

So…when we decided to start on our currently-going-on project (more on that soon!), we decided that a new front door DEFINITELY needed to happen.

Anyway, it was the easiest shopping decision ever. Josh and I immediately liked the same door, didn’t like anything else, bought it, and moved on. (I think that was a first!)

We chose this door from Lowe’s (and of course bought the option with sidelights on each side)


We also took the opportunity to grab two updated lights to boost our curb appeal a bit more, too! Yay! Josh and his friend Oscar knocked out the installation in a few hours while I went Christmas shopping and said it was a breeze! Thanks guys! 🙂

Most importantly, I don’t groan every time I have to bring groceries in because I open the door and the hallway to the kitchen is right there! And Tucker doesn’t jump up on the sidelights anymore because the windows on these are too high up for him! Wins all around!! 🙂


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