Dining Room Paint : Done!


We should have started here. The dining room is, by far, the room that needs to least done in the entire house. We love the natural wood trim and paneling on the lower half of the room. The flooring is okay for now, although eventually, we’d like to refinish or replace it to match the rest of the wood floors in the bedrooms on this floor.

The color of the room when we moved in was totally acceptable. In fact, a lot of people asked if we had already painted in there. The closest match I could find to the original color is Behr Teal Ice (although, maybe Ice Cube–it definitely had a green tint to it).

behr-colorsmart-24 (1)

Our only complaint about the color in there was that it is the same color used in every room that isn’t completely covered in wood paneling-AQUA/TEAL. Since we had a few a lot of mildew problems when we moved in, we wanted to get a fresh coat of paint on all walls and be diligent about using mildew killer on all wood surfaces. So, off to Home Depot we went.

We try not to agonize over paint decisions, although this room was a bit harder because we wanted to keep the wood trim/paneling in there and matching that is a doozy. Even if you google “wood trim paint colors” it is hard to find something that ISN’T an aqua/teal color. So…we went with something similar, but still fresh-Behr Ultra Premium Plus in Fresh Day.


Off we started on Tuesday night: Wiping down the walls and patching holes/cracks. I also got bored and started drawing on the walls with the sponge because the paint soaked up water like it was it’s job. It was flat paint, which is great for hiding wall imperfections, but isn’t scrubbable at ALL, so we went with Eggshell this time around.


He wasn’t impressed by my artwork:




A VERY BRIGHT dining room color of the past hidden behind our thermostat!

IMG_0044IMG_0076 IMG_0077 IMG_0080

On Wednesday, we did the first coat of our paint:

IMG_0093 IMG_0095

Friday night, we hit it with a second coat:

IMG_0125 IMG_0133

Then Saturday, I did a final coat with Josh was working:

IMG_0157 IMG_0160

Here’s a little side by side action:


AFTER:   IMG_0157


AFTER:  IMG_0160

Overall, we are both really happy with the color and the fact that it was a quick project to help build us back up after the verrryyy long process of doing the kitchen (which, still isn’t 100% done). I think knocking out a few more rooms like this and doing the little things to finish up the kitchen will be JUST what we need to push us through our next grueling project. It really is rewarding to see the final product of our hard work.

Now, all the room needs is some window treatments, something on the walls, and perhaps a hutch/buffet and we’ll be good to go!