The best is yet to come..


Welp, today is officially closing day! My signing hand is ready to go and I am so excited to get to tackle the many projects that have been swirling around in our heads for this little beaut! This to-do list could literally be one bullet point (UPDATE THE ENTIRE HOUSE!), but to get our head wrapped around everything that needs to be done to create our dream home, here is our to-do list for the next hundred years or so. 🙂 It will probably grow and change throughout the process, but this is what we consider our starting point.


Clean up space-new rocks or re-paving

Pergola over garage door a la Young House Love

Paint Mailbox

Rain Garden in sunken area

Trim azalea bushes

Take down trouble trees, if any.

Front Door/Walkway:

Remove and Replace screen door

Give front door a fresh coat of paint

Weed, plant some pretty plants, mulch

Get some pretty planters to flank the front stairs



Patio and/or deck area

Fence around AC unit

Build fence

Pathway from patio to shed

Create a space for an edible garden


Add Peg boards/Organization


Laundry Room:

Create folding area or Island with built in storage for baskets

Paint and organize cabinets

Paint floor with a fun design or stripes

Renovate bathroom space

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Back Hallway/Foyer:

Create bar area on back wall with kegerator and wine fridge-hanging wine glasses etc.

Paint doors and trim, baseboard heaters, ceiling and walls

Replace faux brick linoleum with new flooring

Add reading nook/benches

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Living Room/ What we call the “Hunting Lodge”:

Remove some built in shelving – Paint the back built ins flanking fireplace

New window treatments

Paint or whitewash ceiling

Paint or replace paneling

Stain exposed beams

Stain/clean up brick around fireplace

New furniture

More lighting



Phase 1:

Paint Cabinets white

Stain fireplace

Bright window coverings/stained glass?

Paint Wood paneling

Paint Baseboards

Remove wallpaper

Phase 2:

Create island or peninsula

Rework layout issues

Add dishwasher

New counter tops

Pretty Backsplash

Create corner seating area

Move or build in fridge

New lighting

New Flooring


Dining Room:

Paint Paneling, trim and walls

New light fixture


Front Hallway:

Organize coat closet

Remove carpet steps

Install a runner for stairs?

Install new pantry sliding doors (or use that space to build in the fridge and make a smaller closet here)

Paint or remove paneling

Close in living room door – create alcove area


Formal Living Room & Downstairs Bedroom (aka, Our Dream Master Suite to Be!):

Phase 1:

Remove portion of wall separating Living Room and Bedroom to create a large master suite (the wood paneled wall above!)

Remove Ceiling tiles & Drywall ceiling

Figure out how to make flooring in both rooms connect to each other where wall was taken down

Phase 2:

Build walk in closet

Open wall between bathroom and bedroom

Build new bathroom

downstairs bath

Downstairs Bath:

Completely gut and re-build

  • New Tile Floors
  • New Toilet & move toilet location so that your knees don’t hit the vanity!
  • New Vanity (hopefully double sinks)
  • New Shower



Remove ceiling tiles and replace with drywall

Remove paneling and replace with drywall

New carpet in bedrooms, closets and hallway

upstairs bath

Upstairs Bath:

Completely gut and re-build

  • New Tile Floors
  • New Toilet
  • New Vanity (hopefully double sinks)
  • New Shower

As far as what we are going to tackle first: we will spend this week scrubbing the entire house from top to bottom since it hasn’t been lived in for months. We will also select our paint colors for the kitchen cabinets and dining room, since we’d like to finish the cabinets prior to unpacking all of our kitchen stuff. After the cabinets, we have no idea what we will do. We will take things on one project at a time so as to not end up as one of those people who demolishes every room at once then never finish anything.


The first and most important thing is taking our sweet Tucker boy over to the house tonight to sniff around and get acclimated. He is anxious since we are packing and got rid of his favorite chair, but I can’t wait for him to see the amazing backyard we bought just for him!! 🙂

AHHH YAY! It is almost time to get our keys!