Renovation Realities

Hey guys..remember me? Remember how a year and a half ago (or more?) I posted a post about our next big project? Yeah, that’s me. HAAAY. So..update. We gave up on the mudroom.

  1. We got our drawings from D+D Studio (who is amazing by the way) and our permits through the city have been approved.


2. We gutted the entire space, then Josh replaced and raised all of our ceiling beams. This will give us an additional foot or so of head room, which is amazing because we used to have to duck to make sure we didn’t hit our heads on the way down the stairs from the sunroom!!


3. We replaced a bunch of boards that were completely rotted out.

4. We put in a new concrete slab and built the wall between the mudroom and the bathroom. We extended the bathroom walls out to hide the water heater.

5. Josh replaced all of the electrical and plumbing and added a TON of can lights!

6. We got a new washer and dryer because ours totally died.

Then…we gave up. Well..not really..We just got busy with life, got overwhelmed with this project that neither of us were particularly excited about, I quit my job and got my real estate license, and we threw in the towel and we’re not looking back. My first year as a REALTOR is done and we’ve officially started working on a completely different project now. One that we’re super excited about and won’t give up on. Thanks for stickin’ with us over all this time! I look forward to giving you an ACTUAL update on the house soon! I mean it! 🙂


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