house tour


Welcome to our home!


When you walk into the front door, to the left is our bedroom (previously used as a formal living room):


To the right is the dining room:


As you continue down the hallway, to the left is our downstairs 1/2 bath:

downstairs bath
Downstairs 1/2 Bathroom Before
Downstairs BA After 1
Downstairs 1/2 Bathroom After
Downstairs BA After 5
Downstairs 1/2 Bathroom After
  • Our Kitchen

In our kitchen, we removed the wallpaper and painted, ripped out the floor and replaced it with tile (prep work info here), sanded, primed, and painted the cabinets, installed new cabinet hardware, installed over sink lighting.

Kitchen Before
Kitchen Alcove Before
Kitchen After
Kitchen After
Kitchen Alcove After
Kitchen Alcove After

Our Living Room:

In our living room, we gutted the space, gutted some more, widened the window openings between the living room and sunroom, hired insulation peeps, hired drywallers, refinished the floors, installed a custom wood planked ceiling, painted the windows and walls, and bought new furniture.

Living Room Before
Living Room Before
Living Room Before
New Couch
Living Room After

Our Sunroom:

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Our Sun Room After – Just without our heater covers!

The “Back Bedroom”

This is the bedroom that had a flood in our first year of homeownership, so we had to tackle it pretty early! We painted it yellow, took down the ceiling tiles and drywalled the ceiling and wall where the flood happened.








Our Mudroom/Bathroom

This is the project that never ends..yes it goes on and on, my friends! This is when we thought we were starting it….and two years later, this is when we gave up


The Upstairs Bedrooms & Bathroom

These rooms I don’t have photos of yet, but they are two traditional cape cod style rooms with hideous ceiling tiles, laminate tile floors that you would see at your OBGYN’s office, and wood paneling.

The bathroom is a small bathroom with the vintage tiles that would be cute if they were any color OTHER than what we have…BROWN. We have to finish the bathroom in the mudroom/bathroom renovation before we can make that one pretty because it is our only other FULL bath.



One thought on “house tour

  1. Your kitchen is gorgeous! I really love it. I also really like the living room space and the office/sunroom. I can see why this house ended up being “the one” instead of the one that got away.

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