Tear down that wall!

After starting off with a bang in the sunroom and not finding anything terrifying that would stop us from going forward with the project, off we went on the living room! We didn’t get a before before picture, but…imagine this entire wall was covered in paneling. HAHA.


We started getting little glimpses of weird boards behind the paneling..no surprise there since we found them in the sunroom!


We knew the previous owner worked at NASA, so I guess at some point he brought a bunch of shipping containers home and used them to nail in the wood paneling! Super cool. We found a few other weird boards (probably from the shed at one point?).

IMG_0488 IMG_0489 IMG_0485

After that wall’s paneling was removed, we turned our attention to the sunroom wall.


IMG_0501  IMG_0556 IMG_0558 IMG_0568 IMG_0571 IMG_0572 IMG_0580 IMG_0587 IMG_0591

Down to the studs! We are waiting for the weather to warm up a bit (hopefully this week?) so that we can start removing the boards on the exterior walls and ceiling, then we’ll run new electrical and be on our way!!

2 thoughts on “Tear down that wall!

  1. Hi- came over from Kristen’s blog.
    If you are ever interested in getting rid of any of the boards from Langley, please let me know. My husband is a huge Langley fan and I would love to surprise him with something so cool that is from there.
    Lavaida Vandelia

    1. Hi Lavaida! Thanks for stopping by! I think we may have a shipping crate out in the shed that has Langley addresses (NASA, specifically..)-are you local? Email me at ajmcpherson10@gmail.com and maybe I can email a photo over to see if you are interested? I think we are going to keep the one pictured in this specific post as a centerpiece for a gallery wall or something in the house but if we decide not to keep it, I will definitely reach out!!! 🙂

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